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Health is very important for all people. In today’s time, there are many organizations both private and government which runs the health care programs for people whether they are in service or get retired. This is the main reason why the VA has come into practice. VA or Veterans Affairs is the department related to health and care. Here, all enrolled veterans take charge of VA’s complete Medical Benefits Package. In this package, the preventing, primary and specialty care, outpatient and inpatient care, diagnostic services, etc. while getting these benefits, veterans may get additional benefits, which may involve dental care according to their unique needs and qualifications.


Does it need to enroll?

Yes, of course, to receive the benefits of VA, it is a vital thing to get enrolled so that veterans can take VA health care. When they enroll for this package, veterans can assure that they are going to get complete health care services at the right time when they need. The enrollment system of VA is designed to aid Veterans by priority groups, which are:
  • Priority groups 1 to 3: In this category, service-linked Veterans who have obtained a VA disability rating, awarded Medal of Honor or Purple Heart, former POWs.
  • Priority groups 4 to 8: When it comes to this category, it denotes other eligibilities according to medical conditions, environmental exposures, combat status, and income.
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In any case, if you did a job in the active military service and were disconnected under any condition except dishonorable, you may be eligible for receiving VA benefits for your health care. To know more about the details of this package, it is good to visit the official website of Healthevet. Now, what is Healthevet? It is a website, where you can get the complete information as a veteran.

How to apply?

If you are willing to apply for VA complete package benefits, then you should complete and submit VA Form 10-10EZ to the Application for Health Benefits on the web. Another way is to visit in-person at the local VA medical facility. There is also a helpline number available, where you can call to get the information regarding the application. The helpline number is 1 877 222 VETS (8387). After filling the application form, you can also mail it to VA Health Eligibility Center, 2957 Clairmont Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30329.

About Healthevet!

It is always a good idea to collect complete information before applying to these benefits. So, here comes the role of Healthevet, which is an online portal, made for Veterans. It is the benefit for veterans, where they can register and take complete advantage of checking the features of this website. The main objective of VA is to encourage active duty service members, veterans, their dependents, and caregivers is to get registered with this site and create an account on this website.

After getting signed up with Healthevet, you are going to have a Basic Account, where you can get limited access to a variety of features in your account that you self-enter. At this portal, you can have access to journals and different tools, which are all designed to help you find your health measures.

What does the Basic account give?

To use this website properly, you should have proper knowledge about it. So, let’s discuss what you can do with your Basic Account for using Healthevet:
  • It will help you add data to a personal health journal related to over-the-counter medications, medical events, military health history, allergies, and tests.
  • With this account, you can also have a chance to record and maintain the track of your personal data including emergency contacts, contact information, health insurance data, and health care providers and physicians.
  • By going to your basic account, you can create a record and track your personal health measures, which may include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, heart rate, weight, body temperature, pain level, and many others. All of these can be measured in vitals and readings.
  • It can also benefit you in setting some personal goals. In your account, you can create ‘My Goals’ that can give you a chance to set goals that you would meet. Of course, you can also identify your strengths, tasks, track your progress, and how to overcome obstacles. This tab can be utilized to provide your health care team with the right understanding of what is good and essential for you.
  • In fact, with this account, you can print a Wallet ID card by giving some personal information to them that may be entered into the personal health care record.

Healthevet Messenger

There is another advantage provided to you by Healthevet, which is in the form of the messenger. It is a secure messenger that can assist you in using your Healthevet account and talking to your doctor if needed. In any case, if you are already getting the benefit of the services via the VA and may have some questions regarding anything or want a new appointment for consulting your doctor, or a prescription refill, then Healthevet has provided you the way to discuss these things with a doctor. It is the online personal health record by the VA. So, get ready to talk to a person, who you think the best for your personal care needs.

Register now!

So, if you are on the right track to get the delivery of your health care services being a veteran, then you should not waste your time and be prepared to register right now. VA has provided a complete package with a wide range of services like rehabilitative, surgical, and medical care to veterans. And you can easily use these services by creating an account with Healthevet, which is easy to use website. The objective of Healthevet is to share information related to these services and benefits to make it easier for veterans to get the care they need at the right time. Apart from that, you can also come to know about Non-health benefits, which include home loans, education, memorial and burial benefits, life insurance, and a lot more. Use Healthevet now!

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