Healthevet Medical Benefits And Eligibility For Veteran

Veterans Affairs are one of the world’s biggest incorporated health care system for the veterans, servicemen. There are more than 1,400 care sites community clinics, hospitals, readjustment counseling, domiciliary and numerous other healthcare facilities operating under veterans affairs. If you want to avail knowledge of the entire Healthevet program and benefits then you are at the right place.


What are the eligibility criteria to get Healthevet Benefits?

Veterans who have saved in the naval, military, air service and the ones who were discharged under the circumstances other than dishonorable excuses then they might qualify for the Healthevet benefits. National Guard and reservists members can also apply for the benefits if they were on the active duty after receiving federal duty orders and have completed their full duty period for which they were ordered.

Women veterans
There are many women veterans who are serving the country and they are also eligible for the Healthevet benefits similar to the male servicemen.  Precise health VA benefits are available to female veterans as well such as
  • Reproductive health services
  • Mental  health care
  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
VA also provides services in case of contraceptive services, chronic illness, menopause management,  preventive care, mammograms, pap smear,  cancer screening, and gynecology services, all of these are female oriented.  Maternity care is included in the medical benefits and ether is several referrals and packages made to proper clinicians in communities when VA is incapable to provide these services.  There are limited treatments and infertility evaluation treatments also provided to the women veterans. Financial assessment
The majority of the veterans are not receiving their veteran's affairs compensation/ pensions. In such a case they must provide information about their household gross annual income. This will help the administration know about their status whether they are below the financial threshold or not.  Veterans who do not obey the rules and decline the disclosure of the information have to pay co-pays so that they can receive some of the Healthevet benefits. VA does not enroll such veterans who are not willing to provide their financial information unless they have completed all the eligibility factors. The assessments related to their finance include their net worth and household income, social security, unemployment insurance, pension, workers compensation, interests, dividends or any other income they are receiving.  There are assets also counted like property market value like bonds, stocks, primary residence, bank deposits, cash and saving accounts.  VA also compares the financial evaluation with geographical income thresholds.

Healthevet medical services & co-pays

In order to receive the Healthevet benefits, some veterans will have to make co-pays. Here are all of them exampled underneath

Outpatient care: - it is a 3- tiered co-pay system and utilized for all the services for outpatient.  The co-pay which you will have to pay will be $15 primary care, $50 for specialized care.  Veterans who are service connected ten percent or more are exempted from their co-pay for outpatient and inpatient medical care services for both non-services and service-connected medical treatments. 

Inpatient care: - there are some of the veterans like priority group seven and a few others who have to pay a twenty percent of the veteran’s affairs inpatient copy.  For the first ninety days, they will have today $213.60 during any time of the year.  For additional days the charges include $106.80 and there are a two dollar Diem charges also included. 

Nonservice veterans have to pay an eight dollar for thirty days every day or VA is going to cut the medication cost in case of treatments.  Those who are eligible for the priority groups number two have to pay $40, 50% for disability as a co-pay. Veterans who do not earn annual income exceeding maximum limits can get medications eligible under the special authority.

Services for visually impaired

Visually impaired veterans are eligible for receiving medical services at VA medical center. They may receive services such as
  • Adjustments to the counseling & training for blindness
  • Structural & improvement of home alterations
  • Especially housing adaptations
  • Training and rehab assessments that help to improve the quality of life & independence
  • Costs for types of equipment, service dogs and veterinary care
  • Family support
  • Devices and training for low vision use
  • Mechanical &electronic aids for the visually impaired
  • Talking tapes, books, and brailed literature

In case you are visually impaired and enrolled with the Healthevet health care are eligible to receive the services at a medical center and receive benefits such as
  • A precise review of health benefits
  • Counseling for vision loss
  • Rehab training & assessment to improve life quality
  • Family support
  • Mental health care
All the veterans who are eligible to receive the Healthevet can also apply for the mental fitness treatment like specialty programs. Mental health care services are easily accessible in the
  • Nursing homes
  • Residential care facilities
  • Primary care clinics

Specialty clinics
There are some particular programs like intensive care mental health management, work programs, day centers rehab for psychosocial issues are also delivered for those veterans who are experiencing severe health conditions.  The programs and services included in the mental health programs are 
  • Specialized PTSD
  • Psychosocial rehab
  • Sexual trauma
  • Recovery services
  • Geriatrics
  • Suicide programs
  • Violence prevention
Apart from all the above VA medical health benefits veterans and their families can also receive online health services via Veterans can access through their health programs easily with internet access. Make sure that you have your active Healthevet account and passwords ready. Online veterans can get the assistance of their health care teams, tools, and updates to take decisions with regards to your health. You can also register on the link given above and follow the directions.  After that users can track their records and go through history and keep their account active. They will also be able to go through advanced features updated by Healthevet.

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