About Healthevet, Its Importance And Benefits For Veterans & Their Caregivers

My Healthevet is a personal health record of the veteran's health administration. This program is specially designed for the service members, veterans, their caregivers and others. You will need a Healthevet account to access its benefits. Under this program, a wide array of benefits are delivered to the veterans such as surgical, medical and rehabilitative. It is very easy to access the Healthevet benefits and for that, you will need a device and internet access. VA medical center also provides computers to the veterans. You must contact a coordinator nearby you for any doubts and assistance.


Benefits of Healthevet

Using the benefits of Healthevet can assist veterans in gaining a better consideration of their health.  There are a number of ways by which they can explore a variety of ways to monitor and also improve the status of their health. Healthevet is an amazing tool which you can use to become more active with your health care team members.  The best thing about getting along with Healthevet is that you can have easy access to all the personal information about your health right at your account.  You just need to have a computer and internet access to use your account. You can do this anytime, anywhere according to your comfort.  Here are the details of the Healthevet benefits in details

1. Rehabilitation benefits

Rehabilitation benefits are provided to the veterans so that they can live productive and fulfilling lives. There is a wide range of rehabilitation benefits offered for those who are eligible. Here are some of the health-related programs available for the veterans.
1.   Readjustment counseling: -   in this benefit veterans are provided with the readjustment services to assist veterans and their families in a caring manner. These services are provided in nearby communities in honor and to welcome them back home.
2.     Blind rehabilitation centers: - these services are provided to the veterans who are severely impaired or blinded.  These services assist them in developing capabilities and skills that are required for their personal dependency, successful integration, and emotional stability into their family and community environment.
3.    Compensated work therapy: - it is a vocational rehab program of the Dept. of Veterans Affair that has association contracts with the different industries. These programs are developed to offer permanent and temporary staffing for manufacturing, office support, warehousing, delivery services, retail, etc.

2. Dependent benefits

Second, are the dependent benefits which are provided to the veterans dependents like their spouses and children? There are different programs under this category like
  • Medical program
  • Civilian health
  • Children of women Vietnam veterans
  • Spina bifida
  • Caregivers

Foreign medical program

These are the dependent programs under which the veteran's survivors are eligible and can receive the Healthevet dependent benefits.  When survivors are enrolled under these programs the cost for prescriptions, medical treatments, supplies, and office visits are reduced.  If you are the surviving spouse or family caregiver of a service member/veteran, then you qualify to receive these benefits.
1.   Tricare: -   a family member of a retired, active-duty or deceased servicemen, Medal of Honor recipient, reservist then you are eligible for this program. With this program, you are going to get precise health plans, coverage, dental plans, and prescription medicines.
2.   CHAMPVA: - if you are a current child/spouse of disabling veteran/servicemen who have lost their lives on duty and in case you are not eligible for the TRICARE program, then you can get health insurance under CHAMPVA.
3.   Comprehensive assistance for family caregivers: - a family member of the veteran who is giving care to the disabled veteran who was injured on duty after 11th September 2001, then you might be eligible for the benefits under the caregiver support and health through this program.
4. The spina bifida: - Biological child of Vietnam/Korean war veteran and diagnosed with the spina bifida, then you might be eligible for the health care and disable benefits.
5.  Pharmacy benefits: - if you are eligible for the spina bifida/CHAMPVA/ children of women Vietnam veterans, then you are eligible for the pharmacy benefits.

Specific illness

There are many health programs by VA for the veterans and their families which help them improving the healthcare quality for any specific sickness and condition. Additional knowledge is also provided so that they can understand how a particular illness can affect their entire health. The medical health packages provided to the veterans are absolutely unique depending upon the treatment they need for their sickness. Some of the common services offered are
  • Prevent illness in future
  • Treat injuries & illness
  • Improves the functional capabilities
  • Improve the livelihood

All the servicemen, veterans receive most of the services and care, but there are only few who are eligible for additional, for example, dental care.  The benefits will depend upon
  • The advice of  your medical expert like a doctor.
  • Your priority group.
  • The medical  procedures which are required  for treating health conditions.

Healthevet healthcare benefits are for all the veterans and their families. There are a number of programs and services which are available and among them some basic services which veterans and servicemen and their caregivers receive are
  • Health examinations & health education
  • Immunization against disease /counseling/ genetic disease
  • Then comes inpatient hospitalization services like medical treatments, surgeries, kidney dialysis, acute care, emergency care, mental health services, etc. 
  • You can check your Healthevet by accessing your accounts or you can get help from your nearby VA communities or the representatives.

Safeguard your information

It is extremely important that you keep your personal information safe. The official website of Healthevet is secured and the VA practices strict policies when it comes to security to make sure that no personal information of any veteran or their families get in the wrong hands.  All your health status information is secure, but on your part, you must also use strong passwords and do not share them with anyone else.  Make sure that you have kept things secured on your part especially when you are making copies of it.

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