A Quick Guide To Three Different Accounts At Healthevet

Have you ever used the website of Healthevet? If you are a former service member, then Healthevet is made for you. It is basically the personal health record that is mainly designed for former service personnel. It is run and maintained the Administration of Veterans. The main objective of Healthevet is to give health care resources for service members, veterans, authorized caregivers, and many other linked persons. To get more information about Veterans health care services, it is important to pay a visit to the official website of the Healthevet.


Without having an internet connection, you cannot open this website and register with it when needed. Are you interested in accessing? Then, go online no matter whether you are at home, office, or anywhere else if you have an internet connection or Wi-Fi, then you can easily use it.

In this post, you are going to collect more information about the types of accounts you can use at Healthevet. So, let’s discuss:
By visiting this website, you can come to know that there are three main types of accounts, any registered person can use. These are
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium
Of course, each and every account has different features to offer and all of them are beneficial for users no matter they are servicemen served in the military, veterans, and many others. We are going to discuss all of them in a detailed manner, have a look at them:


To open a Basic account, there is no need to pay any amount of money. In addition to that, it is absolutely free. You do not need to perform any authentication process to open it. But there is a limitation, which is all about having limited access to some features on this website. It can give you a way to make use of:
  • Health journals: It is informative as it gives access to your personal health history related to your service. It may include medical events, medical tests, allergies, tests, and over-the-counter medications you have used.
  • Goals: It will allow you to set your goals regarding the identification of your strength, creation of tasks, overcoming some obstacles, making some goals, and tracking process.
  • Vitals and Readings: In this section, you can check and track personal health measures like levels of pain, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, the temperature of the body, and so on.
  • Personal information: Check your personal information like emergency contacts, contact information, names of the health care providers and doctors you have, health insurance information, and much more:
  • Walled ID card: With this option, you will be able to print out a wallet ID card that shows your personal information in the personal health record for simple access throughout health events. These events can help you and your health care providers in providing the best treatment.
Having this account will not allow you to see your personal health information in the VA file or also Department of Defense Systems. Additionally, you can use tools to track your health activities.


When it comes to the advanced account, it is only designed for veterans or Veterans Affairs themselves. Once you have obtained this account, you can simply get access to use the higher features of your account. It is capable of providing you with some access to the information stored in your VA file. It is valuable to those patients, who belong to VA and they can refill VA medications on the web by using Healthevet. Of course, there is no need to become a verified user if you want to use this account.


The third one is the premium account, which can be used by veterans and real VA patients. When you are going to use a premium account, it will let you use the highest features in the system of Healthevet. But for this account, it is important to have an authentication process to go through, the verification is also being done.

When it comes to verifying this account, you will have to provide some information for sure. This information may include your social security number, gender, date of birth, and you should link your account to VA records, as well as, Department of Defense Records. With this account, users can use and see their individual health records. In these records, you will have to show:
  • VA demographics
  • VA appointments
  • Previous VA appointments of at least 2 years
  • VA admissions & discharges
  • VA EKG or Electrocardiogram
  • VA immunizations
  • VA medication history
  • VA laboratory results, which may include Chemistry or microbiology, or hematology results that are available three calendar days once the verification is done. You should know one thing that according to the type of the test, there may be some delay in test outcomes.
  • VA notes: These notes are also accessible to you 3 calendar days after the completion. They are signed by the whole healthcare team.
  • VA problem list: It is this list, which involves active health problems that you are experiencing. This data is also seen 3 calendar days after submitting them. Note: these may not have those issues, which are treated by non-VA providers.
  • VA wellness reminders
  • VA radiology: It is also provided to you three calendar days once the health care team submit this information
  • VA vitals and readings
  • VA electronic health records
  • DOD or Department of Defense military service data
Aside from that, the VA blue button is also accessible at Healthevet so that you can view, print, save, and then download the VA personal health care records given by VA and DOD if you want in any case. This kind of information can be shared with your caregivers and other persons you trust. Last but not least, the VA continuity of health care document can be downloaded from your account of Healthevet. This document can give you a chance to know each and everything related to your health records. This is the document, which seems to be a summary of the entire information discovered in your Veterans Affairs e-health record.
So, make an informed decision of using the VA health records at Healthevet.

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