What You Should Avoid While Using ‘My Healthevet’?

Is it easier for you to check your health benefits online? Of course, yes! It is all about using the internet, especially if you belong to military, service members, or veterans, then Healthevet is available to help you in any manner. With Healthevet, it will be going to help you in gaining a better realization of your health condition. By using this official website and accessing your account on this website, you can have a chance to explore many ways to monitor and enhance your health. After using the tools, you are going to become an active partner with your health teams like doctors, advisers, and trainers.


This way, you can meet your health and care needs right on the go. The most interesting benefit of using this official’s website is that your personal information related to health can be accessed in ‘My Healthevet’ account and even, at any time and at any place where you can use the internet. The information of your health care is accessible to you according to your convenience, meaning that this service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hence, this is the right time when you can begin your journey to take care of your health by having access to its official website.

What can you do at Healthevet?

Once you have an account at Healthevet, you would have to choose the type of account you want to have to utilize its features. These accounts are basic, advanced, and premium. These different accounts have a different set of features, which users can use. According to your interests and preferences, you can select the type of account. No matter what account you are using, Healthevet offers a wide range of features. But some features are not present in others. It means that all of these accounts may not have different features.

In general terms, Healthevet with different accounts can help you explore the below-mentioned information:
  • Wallet ID card
  • Health tips in the form of journals
  • Readings and vitals
  • Personal data
  • Goals
These are the basic features you will get in every account, but in advanced and premium accounts, you will get more, which includes VA health history, immunizations, appointments, demographics, medication history, laboratory results, pathology reports, and so on. You will get the records shown after the 3 calendar days.

What are the common mistakes to avoid?

Of course, you can follow some steps to get VA health summary, labs, tests, and VA blue button reports. According to the Healthevet feature you utilize, you can be shortchanging on your own without making it realized. Some users may do some mistakes, which they should not at any cost. There are several ways that can help you ignore some common mistakes while using these features and getting these benefits. So, know them:
  • Check updates

In fact, in the initial period, you will register with a basic account, and would not wish to go for upgradation. Having an upgraded account at Healthevet should be your next step. When you upgrade to an advanced or a premium account, you can access more medical records, features, and tools by going online. All you need to do is to access ‘My Healthevet’ account and use all the premium features.
This time, you need to make sure that you should be updated in any manner. Throughout tools of ‘My Healthevet’, you will see the button known as ‘Check Updates.’ This is the button you need to make sure that you use it to its fullest. After clicking on the button, you will come to know about the most recent data.
  • VA Blue button reports or health summary

These are some interesting tools you can check at Healthevet. If you want to examine the latest updates regarding these tools, then checking updates will be your step. Most people do not use it, but you should. This button is available at the top of the page. Once the updated information is available, there is also an option for you to see, print, and download needed parts of your Veterans Affairs health record in an individual report, which may have:
  • Vital signs
  • Medications
  • Lab results
  • Immunizations
  • Outpatient encounter notes
  • Allergies
  • Clinical and surgical procedure notes
  • Health conditions or problems
  • Emergency contact information

Make sure to know that some information in the VA health summary has a restricted time frame or a few numbers of reports. So, you have to check as soon as the reports will become available to you. It is an unquestionable thing that the health summary has many benefits to offer and arranged in a concise report that you can share with a physician outside of VA. By accessing the ‘What is in the VA Health Summary’, you can get more details that you want to have. To go back into the VA health records, here comes the importance of VA Blue Button reports, which gives you customized reports according to a particular time frame and choose the types of data you wish to have from many items including VA Radiology reports, VA notes, or VA laboratory results.
  • Discovering the lab results online
There is a ‘Lab and Tests’ link on the homepage of My Healthevet, you can click on it to view, print, and get the test results in a downloadable form. While selecting the desired lab test results, it is important to concentrate on seeking the date when the examination or test was done, instead of the specimen type. Ensure you know that most of the lab test outcomes become available 3 calendar days once the member of your health care team has confirmed them.
Last but not least, with both VA Blue Button and VA Health Summary, users can have an opportunity to get your lab test outcomes on the web. At the same time, you should also know that a VA Health Summary will just involve the 10 most current sets of lab examinations from the previous 24 months. On the overall, the VS Blue Button Report will be able to provide with more lab results, use it if you want.

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