My HealtheVet: A Survivor For Veterans’ Health!

It does not matter whether you are an American Veteran or from other nations. It is possible that we all have the same issues that we need to experience as a result of our service. There are chances, in which some veterans may experience all of these issues, but others may have only one issue to deal with like starting a business, finding a job, or having a medical aid. These problems may include:
  • PTS/PTSD/Suicide/Emotional Issues
  • Claims or Benefits
  • Short term needs
  • Jobs or businesses
  • Homelessness
The key here to dealing with such issues is to introduce or develop some programs that give more personalized attention to veterans and can actually, help them to solve their problems. One of the most popular programs is My HealtheVet, which is designed to help veterans to get support for medical-related issues. If you are a veteran and want to use this service, then you should know its essential facts before trying your hands in it. This is why start taking a look at the below-mentioned information available:


About My HealtheVet Program!

It is clearly understood that it is a service linked to the medical facility for military veterans. When the closest Veteran Affairs Clinic is miles away, or if you cannot travel to a VA clinic at that time, or having difficulty in traveling from one place to another, at that time, you can do the last thing that you would go to the nearest clinic to your home. Of course, it has been understood that time is a valuable aspect and this is why VA has developed an app in 2005 to help veterans to save their time and efforts to reach VA offices. Now, the time of floppy disks has flown away. It means that now it is the time of new technology, which can bring many interesting online apps and platforms to use for various purposes. One of them is My HealtheVet.

A smart move to get medical support!

With the help of My HealtheVet, veterans will get the chance to play an active role in their health care and maintenance while on the other hand, can save a lot of time that they can invest in other things. These days, more than 4.9 million veterans have signed up with the VA’s patient portal by going online, My HealtheVet. They have started using it for a variety of purposes including downloading and sharing their medical records, sending secure messages to their health care professionals & teams, scheduling and viewing appointments.
If we see the statistics, then it has been clearly stated that more than 140 million prescriptions have been refilled in just some past years. So, if you are also a veteran, then it will take just a couple of minutes to order your prescription, refill it, and deliver to your doorstep. The main requirement here is that you should register with this medical facility for veterans, My HealtheVet by going to the official website of VA.

What can you do at My HealtheVet?

Once you have signed with this app or service, then you can have a lot of things to do for enhancing your health from time to time. In fact, there is no need for paying any amount of money when you are going to make this smart move as this service is completely free of cost. The most interesting thing is that you can even upgrade your My HealtheVet account the next time so that you can have complete access to premium features when you will be at a VA clinic in the future. This service has the below-mentioned features to offer, start knowing:
  • It can help a veteran to refill prescriptions on the web
  • It will be able to give you a facility of downloading and sharing the needed medical records, which may also include medical images as well
  • With it, a veteran can schedule his or her VA appointments and also view them
  • It will also provide you with complete diligence via the Veterans Health Library, where comprehensive health care tips are available
  • You can send messages to the health care teams or wherever you want in a secure and encrypted manner. There is not even a single chance of losing data.
  • Using this service, a veteran person can get access to different mental health resources available with My HealtheVet

Hence, if you are interested in saving your precious time while taking a check on your health, then it is the right time to sign up for a My HealtheVet account without paying any hefty amount of money.

How to use My HealtheVet account?

Once you are logged into My HealtheVet account, then you will see many things in your account that is all related to the medical history and records you have in the past. To start with this service, there is a VA Blue Button, which can give you the right way to view, save, download, and print the VA health information. Moreover, using this button you can also get DoD Military Service Information. In any case, there is no limitation of sharing this info to anyone. It means that if you need to contact your caregiver, non-VA health care provider regarding your medical records or history, then you can also go ahead. But only share the information you trust.

Apart from that, when you desire to request or cancel appointments at a VA clinic near to you, then My HealtheVet also helps you with this concern. It features a secure messaging option to let you communicate online with your health care team. With this option, messages can be sent for requesting or canceling VA appointments. In addition to that, you can use this feature to ask about lab results or to discover a medication or health problems. To get the best suggestions for your health, you can discuss these general health matters with anyone you want to.

Do you need any help? If yes, then at My HealtheVet, they are always available to support you in anything, just contact them.

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