New Apps By VA To Help Users At My Healthevet

From the inception of My Healthevet, a lot of users have done registrations with it and tried to get help when it comes to taking care of and enhancing their health. They have actually obtained benefits after using My Healthevet. There have been new additions by VA to the system of My Healthevet so that users can make the most of this unit for their health care needs. This is the main reason why we have seen greater improvements in this system. In this post, there is a brief introduction of two enhancements made by the VA to support people in making their health enhanced and better in any manner they can. Read further:


VA Launchpad

In recent time, the US Department of VA or Veteran Affairs has added a new app to the system. This new mobile application has been launched with the motive to save the time of Veterans and their caregivers by using the internet connection. The name of this app is VA Launchpad. This app uses new technology to simplify and organize many of the existing tools and resources. All of these resources are accessed into one comfortable and easy-to-reach location, giving help to veterans so that they can manage their health care needs and preferences.
In the past times, VA has come up with dozens of apps and tools for Veterans, taking charge of their health maintenance and care. And one of the best one is VA Launchpad, which makes it simpler for veterans to get all of the essential tools available at their fingertips. By making efforts to make this one app, VA has given veterans a chance to get different categories of VA apps at one place. The arrangement of different apps has been done into 5 categories for military veterans via this single app. these are:
  • Health management
  • Vital health information sharing
  • Health care team communication
  • Mental health improvement
  • Quality of life improvement
With this app, a registered user at My Healthevet can access all the features by just getting a single secure login into the account. Once you have made an account at My Healthevet, then you will be able to qualify for using this app and its features, getting the most of your health enhancement tasks.
The inclusion of mental health care, as well as, personal improvement tools for people, who are not registered with My Healthevet or any of the VA health care services is also a great and interesting effort made by VA. In fact, a non-VA can also use these tools for free and even without dealing with any secure login. It states that both VA and non-VA users can take complete advantage of this app.
No matter whether you have an android or Apple smartphone or device, you can download this app into your device and get ready to use it. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play according to what device you have. If you are interested to access secure apps of VA within VA Launchpad, it is important for you to be a patient of VA and have one of the below-mentioned accounts:
  • DS Logon Level 2 (Premium)
  • Premium My Healthevet
VA Medical Images and Reports
Another innovation of VA to help patients by having My Healthevet accessibility is VA Medical Images and Reports. It is a tool that will allow a patient to get access to health data, as well as, medical images over the veteran portal for patients. It is a system that has been launched by the VA for those patients, who are signed with VA at My Healthevet. A patent can use the health data and medical pictures as he or she can access it, which means that they can stake a big claim in their own health care.
With this system, a veteran patient can experience the best claims at My Healthevet with proper records and statements. This system will be embedded in different veteran patient portals by using My Healthevet by VA. Taking the aid of this tool will help patients in viewing, downloading, or sharing their X-rays, radiology studies, MRIs, mammograms, and CT scans. This kind of info will be stored in the HER file of a patient.
As this tool comes as a fragment of VA’s efforts, it can enhance the engagement of patients and access of veterans to their own health data. This tool has been firstly supported as a Blue Button initiative by VA. What patients can have? The items they can get are mentioned below:
  • Images and reports
  • X-rays
There is no need to visit a VA center or facility to get a copy of their information. With this feature, it is aligned with the concept of the VA Blue Button that can benefit a veteran patient to get their personal health info by permitting them to retrieve it in a secure manner, all with the internet access.
A patient must wait 3 days to have a radiology report to access with the use of My Healthevet. If he or she wants before that, then they can request a copy of the report, which will include a low-resolution thumbnail picture from the radiology report. A zip file can be downloaded that would include all pictures from the radiology report. In order to have quality pictures, it is advised to have free medical software that can give them a chance to view the picture on the veteran’s own device like computers. Of course, there is also a facility for veterans to make copies of the needed health data on CDs, flash drives, and DVDs so that they can share with other providers or stakeholders.
Hence, VA Launchpad and VA Medical Reports & Images are two of the most popular innovations made by VA to benefit any of the veteran patients, who have My Healthevet premium account to get a track of their health data, making the best out of it with proper guide and support. So, what are you waiting for? Just start using these tools to become a tech-savvy veteran for your health care needs.