Interesting Tips To Make The Most Out Of ‘My Healthevet’ Refilling Prescription Feature

There are lots of benefits available to those who served in the military. There are some cases, in which many of the military veterans do not succeed to take advantage of any of the benefits offered to them because they are not aware of them as they do not have knowledge regarding it or how to use it or where to fill the right form or where to apply. This is why they do not get what they deserve.
This is where the role of My HealtheVet exists in the online world. It is a facility provided by Veterans Affairs for veterans, who want to get the most out of their health care but do not know how to proceed with it. This is the app, which is capable of giving many interesting tips and tricks along with tools to help you to do discussions with your health care team and support them to provide with the best prescription you need. With it, you can manage your health in the most extraordinary and safe manner.
While taking care of health, the most common problem a veteran may face is to refill prescriptions. But with My HealtheVet, they have obtained the safe platform to use, which helps them in getting their prescriptions refilled by sitting in their homes. This app eliminates the need for visiting a VA’s clinic to refill the prescription. Just use this online service and you are done with the prescription refilling.


Use My HealtheVet!

Are you willing to refill medications online? It just needs your account with My HealtheVet. For that reason, you need to register with them and after that, you will be ready to do what you want to maintain your health.

Avoiding medication refill mistakes

The popularity of My HealtheVet has been all over the world. Many veterans have already switched to this program, but they are making some common mistakes that they should avoid if they desire to have a full benefit of the features of My HealtheVet. All you need to do is to navigate the section of the pharmacy of your account and try to avoid the most common troubles you may encounter. So, learn more:

  • Introduction to the Fill Date!

While visiting the Refill VA Prescriptions category under Pharmacy, there will be a table of your recommended medications. Of course, you may be wondering because you would not know the titles of the columns. One of them is the ‘Fill Date.’ You do not need to worry at all as My HealtheVet updates this date automatically once a fill request will be submitted. From the context, it states your medications will not be filled until this date. The requests for refilling should be made at least 10 days before when you are running out of the medication.

  • How far back can you track?

It is also an interesting thing to learn. When you are done with the submission of a VA prescription refill at My HealtheVet, then you would want to track it, of course, yes! This info is available a day or 2 after the VA Mail-order Pharmacy actually refills it. You cannot track those refills which will be shipped from a local VA medical center. Once your refill will get a blue ‘Track Delivery’ Button via mail, then it will appear in the column known as ‘VA Prescription Tracking.’ To see your delivery status, you can click on it and the info related to your shipment will be accessible for thirty days. Now, when you can get refill prescriptions? It is to be expected that the prescriptions will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 days after the VA has shipped them.

Another way to know about the prescription refilling is to see your email notifications as you will be able to get these notifications once your prescriptions are shipped. Check out whether or not you get the notifications. For that reason, you will have to visit the ‘Personal Information’ section available in the navigation bar and then choose ‘My Profile.’ This is the option, which needs to be selected if you need to receive notifications ‘Rx Refill Shipment Notifications’ should be ‘On.’

  • Check out the prescriptions

One can examine his or her prescriptions in the ‘Refill VA Prescriptions’ in the Pharmacy section. There may be some chances, in which all of your prescriptions are listed. In any case, if some of the refillable medications are missing, then you should contact the pharmacy staff member at the VA facility that recommended your prescription. The contact number can be found on the prescription bottle’s label.

  • Do you need refilling or renewing?

Browse the ‘Refill Remaining’ column if you want to know about the number of refills for each VA medication. In the case, if your prescription is not accessible to refill at this time, then ‘i’ will be displayed in that column.
On the other hand, if you have no remaining refills but you are still expecting to continue getting those medications, then it is vital to make direct contact with your health care team so that a medication ‘renewal’ can be requested. This also applies to medications that are discontinued or expired. There are 3 ways to get a prescription renewal:
  • By phone
  • By visiting a VA’s clinic at your next appointment
  • By sending messages using ‘Secure Messaging’

  • Premium up-gradation

In the initial stage, My HealtheVet offers a basic version to a registered veteran, but he or she desires to get premium and advanced features, then they can move ahead. Being a VA patient, if you need to refill your VA medications online, then upgrading to an advanced or premium account is obligatory. For that reason, you will have to log in with your Premium User ID & Password. Another way is to get authenticated in-person at a Veterans Affairs facility.
To conclude it, clearing the confusions related to refilling prescriptions online at My HealtheVet is the best method to make the most out of this program without any hassle.

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