Veterans Benefits, Claims, Identity Theft And eBenefits Guide For Veterans & Servicemen!

Veterans of United States are eligible for different types of benefits and services which are provided by the U.S Department of Veterans affairs or HealtheVet. Veterans can avail some of the benefits while they are performing their active duty. Eligibility to avail the HealtheVet benefits is totally based upon your discharge from your active military service and also those who have been involved in any dishonorable conditions. Here active VA services mean your full-time service other that then active duty for training, as a marine cop, air force, army, coast guard or any commissioned officer of PHS. If there are any bad conduct and dishonorable discharges issues by the court-martial then this is going to eliminate your VA benefits. In case veterans are in prison then they must contact the Administration to know about their eligibility.


There is loads of documentation required to seek your HealtheVet benefits especially if you are availing them for the first time. You will need a service discharge   mentioning your
  • Service Date
  • Discharge
  • Military Service Number
  • Date Of Service
  • Branch
You must keep your documents safe and only you or your family members must have access to these important documents.

Which documents do you need to get your claim?

  • If a spouse wants to make the claim then he/she will need to present the veteran’s marriage certificate.
  • If the veteran did not die in the healthcare facility of veterans affairs then a death certificate will be needed
  • If you need to take children’s benefits then you will need to represent children’s  birth certificate/adoption papers
  • If a parent needs to claim the VA benefits then they will need to show a veteran’s birth certificate.

What are eBenefits?

If you are a veteran or veteran spouse/parents or children then you must be aware of the benefits portal because it is a resourceful site that will guide you towards your benefits and how to avail them easily. Veterans, servicemen, and their families can access, research, apply and manage VA and their military benefits through a secure internet connection. You can find this web portal at If you are a veteran or servicemen then you must register here and create an account. There are 2 levels available which are basic and premium. With a premium account you will be able to access all your personal information in DoD and veterans affairs system and can also access and apply for the VA benefits online.  there are many other things you will be allowed to do such as
  • Updating  your address records
  • Status of claims
  • Apply for benefits online

With a basic account, you will be able to have access to the information that you are going to enter into your account. with a basic account, you will not be allowed to access the DoD and VA systems. Servicemen are provided by a common access card and following step by step instructions you will be able to obtain a premium account. To register for the benefits veterans must be listed in DEERS and must obtain DoD log on.  In case you are not having DEERS then you will need to verify your military service and then add all the required information to DEERS. This is important for veterans who have severed the military prior to 1982.  If you find any problem then you can contact VA regional office from where you can obtain information related to the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.
ADS logon is a type of identity that is utilized by many veterans’ affairs and DoD websites and even eBenefits.  If you are registered with the DEERS then you are also eligible for DS Logon and it is going to valid for lifetime.

Identity verification

There is an identity verification process and you will have to go through it to secure your benefits. it is a very simple and easy process where you will be asked some questions online.  in some cases, veterans and servicemen have to visit the nearby VA offices to complete the identity verification process. Servicemen can easily complete this process online by using their Common Access Card.  If you are retired from the military then you can use the online portal and using your defense finance and accounting service logon. Veterans can call 1-800-827-1000 and then select option 7. Benefits having Premium level access can go to My HealtheVet and log into their account with the help of single sign-on feature.

Prevent Identity Theft

Your Social security number, common access card, and other documents are of vital importance thus it is important that you keep them safe. There are many cases of identity theft and this number is increasing.  You must keep your documents safe and do not share this information with unknown people. Anyone can misuse your information and claim benefits using your documents. This has already happened to many and you can prevent this from happening to you and your family. You can prevent this by keeping your documents safe.

Have access to online portals

Today you do not have to wander from one office to another to avail of your benefits. There is VA website with all the detailed information and you can access all that you need without the need of leaving your home. But, make sure that you have VA account, eBenefits account and uploaded all the information so that you can easily access the information you need at the time of making claims. It is also important because, after you, your spouse and children will not face any issue availing claims. Having your VA account is one of the most important things that you must create, verify and update. There is not one or two, but a variety of benefits which servicemen and veterans can claim from the VA program. If the information you have uploaded is not sufficient or does not fulfill your eligibility then this is going to cost you high.