Inclusive Details on Accessing My HealtheVet to Avail VA Compensations

My HealtheVet MHV is an online product that is specially designed for the veterans where tools are provided along with information that helps veterans properly manage their health. To have full access to the MHV, it is crucial that you are registered, which allows you to access tools and features. There are different compensations and other benefits provided to the veterans, so it is essential that you know so that you can take benefits from the VA programs.  


Compensations benefits for veterans

Disability compensation

Disability compensation is provided to the veterans who are suffering from disease or got injured during their active military services.  It is a tax-free financial aid paid to the veterans. Compensation is also post for post-service disabilities, which are related to the military service circumstances, even in the case of sickness arises after service. Usually, the severity of the disability specified is also designed in a way that can compensate for the loss of working time from illness or exacerbations.

Special monthly compensation

SMC is also compensation, which is tax-free provided to veterans, surviving children, spouses, and parents. SMC is a high rate of compensation that is paid in exceptional cases like attendance by others, the need for aid, and specific disability like loss of hand or legs. For the veteran's family, SMC is paid based on the necessity of attendance and aid.
There are several other benefits that veterans get, such as insurance and housing benefits. Veterans with disabilities are granted compensations like
  • Service –disable veterans insurance
  • Adapted housing grants
  • Veterans mortgage life insurance
Veterans are provided by several benefits which are mentioned above, but all this is going to be of no use if you are unaware of the process about how to use MHV.

How to use MyMy HealtheVet?

Now you know that MHV is all about keeping your health record, and it is just meant for the veterans and their families. If you were never in military services, then you have no use at HealtheVet. This program is specially designed for the service members, veterans, and their caregivers. You can check A-Z information here, and you are also going to get many features to avail more from these programs. Now, to access your HealtheVet account, you will need an internet connection and a device. Computers are also available for veterans, which you can use at any of your local medical center for veterans. You can also contact any veteran’s medical center if you need any assistance or have doubts in mind.

How to access MHV and use tools?

MHV provides 3 ways by which you can easily access your MHV. With these 3 ways, you can enter the website in 3 different ways.
1.Get started
Using this step, anyone can have access to the website, and you can use this opportunity to gather knowledge about MHV. There are title tabs available on the top of the page and learn about everything available for you on the website. After login, you will be able to access
  • Homepage where every month articles are uploaded with information about the common issues regarding health and fundamental interests which service members and vets are experiencing.
  • Research health where you can get information about health research topics and much more about your health. You will be able to get all the answers that are related to your health and all that from the medical experts.
  • Under research health, you will get the information about healthy living centers where you will learn about taking essential steps towards your health to prevent illness.
  • Disease & condition where you will get information about different illness and conditions.
  • Mental health where you can learn about the symptoms of poor mental health conditions. You can go for screening after that to make sure you are not having any mental health issues.
  • The medical library which provides extensive information about the health issues and other related concerns.

At this level, you will need a HealtheVet account, which you can register on the website, and here anyone can register. After registering your account, you will have access to all the information and will also be able to personalize all of your data. There are tools and journals available which can be used to track your health measures. This information is only available when you are registered and logged in.  Register today and 
  • Add info about your journals like any allergies you are having, over the counter medications you take, medical events, medical history, and tests.
  • You will be able to track and record information like essential contact details, emergency contact, details of health care providers and doctors, health insurance data. 
  • Record and track health measures such as blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, pain level, etc. in readings and vitals.
  • You will be able to get the print of your wallet ID with all of the personal information that you have recorded in it.
  • There is a VA blue-button available tapping on which will allow you to view, download, or save all yourself entered the information. You can afterward easily share this information with your caregiver, doctor, or the person you trust. 
For upgrading is limited to the veterans, and to access this level, you will again need a valid My HealtheVet account. You can update your account in 2 ways – online or in person at the veteran's affairs facility.  After upgrading your account, you will be able to
  • View the veteran’s hematology/chemistry lab results.
  • Receive information regarding your appointments along with email reminders.
  • Additional parts of your health records are available.
  • Download or print your health information.
  • Use secure messaging and communicate with your health care team.
  • You can also view the information which comes from your department.
Veterans and servicemen get convenient ways to manage and update their HealtheVet account and keep a full check on their health.