Frequently Asked Questions About MHV

What is the MHV Blue Button?

VA Blue Button is a useful feature that helps you with the printing, saving, downloading, and viewing of your MHV information. To have access to the full features of the VA Blue Button, you will need to upgrade to a premium account. There are 3 MHV account types, which are essential, advanced, and premium.

What is VA CCD?

VA continuity of care document contains a summary of your health as well as medical care information from your VA health record. This feature utilizes a recognized standard to support the effective exchange of information between health care providers and the system. The goal is to provide information
  • Summary of patient’s medical care and health info.
  • Allow the patient to collect the data at one place so that information can be exchanged with ease.
  • The data can be used within computer systems or applications that support the file type.

What is the difference between VA CCD and VA Blue Button?

VA Blue Button contains self-entered information, VA medications, critical portions of VA electronic health records, and DOD military service info. Here you can also customize your report.
On the other hand side, VA CCD lets you save, Print and download because you might not be able to read the information within the browser.  Allows all of your info in one system which can be electronically exchange. This file contains standardized information that cannot be customized.

What type of information can I view in VA Blue Button?

Once you register your account, you get an icon after your name displaying the type of account. With a basic account, you can print, save, and download info that you have self-entered, such as allergies, activity and food journals, health insurance, health care providers, etc.
With an advanced account, you will get features of basics well as advanced account. You get medications & supplements, VA medical history, and VA allergies
With a premium account, you understand everything that is prepared for the vets and can have access to all the features, tools and information such as..
  • VA demographics
  • VA allergies
  • VA appointments
  • VA Immunizations
  • VA lab results and much more

What do (--) mean?

If you see double dashes on your screen, it means there is no information available for the field you have selected.

How VA Blue Button helpful for me?

VA Blue Button is a significant feature on MHV as it helps in improving your medical information between your health care team and you. When you share this information with experts, you get to know more about your health as well as help from the experts.  Also, with VA Blue Button, you can have a copy with you as it allows you to Save, Print, and download information.

What is hold periods?

The information you enter in your MHV records sometimes not immediately displayed on your VA Blue Button. This happens because the information you provide might need a review from your health care team. If required, your health care team is going to discuss the results with you before they upload it to your MHV account.

What is the VA Blue Button Information Report?

The information which you will select in the VA Blue Button is provided to the individual as their health report.  This is a copy report from your MHV health record and may include
  • The information which you have entered on your own
  • Information that comes from your Veterans affairs health record
  • Your military service details that come from your department of defense

To have a look at this information, you will need either an advanced or premium account. 

To use the VA Blue Button, will I need a computer?

Yes, you will need a reliable internet connection and a device where you can access your MHV and its features.  You can even check it on your phone. There are internet cafes, public libraries, and even a nearby HealtheVet center that will allow you to access your accounts.  You will need a device to save your information or view it.  You will also need a printer to get your information print.

How to access VA Blue Button

After you catalog on My HealtheVet, you can get way in VA Blue Button:
  • Log into your My HealtheVet account
  • Select Download My Data
  • Select Continue

On the Download My Selected Data page:
  • Select a Date Range
  • In the Select Types of Information section, choose the information you would like to view and download
  • Select Submit
Download if you want an electronic copy and select View/Print if you want a printed list, then select Print

Can other people see my information?

No other people will be able to see or access your information until you have not shared your account details with anyone. It is you who decides to share your information. You can personally share your information with others with your consent.  It is you who is responsible for the safety of your data. You must protect your accounts as you do with any other relevant document or bank account. Pay attention when you are accessing your MHV account in public cafĂ© or libraries. Make sure that after downloading your details, you have completely erased all the files so that no other can take advantage of it.

Can I update/change my information in VA Blue Button?

Yes, you can easily update or change your information for which you first need to log in to make changes/updates. To make changes in the report which comes from your VA health records, you must contact the VA facility. 

What to do in case someone else has my information?

 You must initially check the activity history where you will get information about all the downloads. If you see any activity that you cannot understand, then you must contact the help desk Contact HealtheVet.  You can also change your login details and make your account stronger for anyone else to get access to your account.