A Guide To Healthevet And Its Online Services

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has made a comprehensive system, where all registered veterans can take medical benefits in different ways. But a veteran should be registered with them. There are different types of medical benefits you can get in one package, which may include primary and specialty care, preventive care, diagnostic, outpatient and inpatient care services. There is an additional benefit for a veteran that he or she can get dental care, but it will depend on their unique qualifications.


So, when you are going to apply for the veteran benefit, check whether or not you are enrolled with them. It is the first step towards receiving health care. The main motive of the enrollment is to make sure that all complete health care services are accessible when a veteran needs those services. The enrollment system of the VA designates veterans according to different groups due to priorities. Check these groups:
  • Priority Groups 1 to 3: In this group, the veterans who belong to the service-connected category have obtained a VA disability rating, awarded Medal of Honor or Purple Heart, and former POWs.
  • Priority Groups 4 to 8: This group denotes other eligibilities, which are normally linked to combat status, medical conditions, environmental contacts, and income.
Make sure you know that if you worked in the active military service and got separations due to any condition except than dishonorable, then you may be qualified for getting health care benefits by VA. For that reason, you can make an account at My Healthevet, where you will check all the benefits given by VA. Once you are aware of what you can get at VA’s system, then you should proceed towards knowing how you can apply for these benefits. One method is to complete and submit VA Form 10-10EZ, Application for VA Health Benefits by taking the assistance of the internet. Another method you can follow is to apply in-person at a local VA medical facility or by calling 1 877 222 VETS (8387).

Introduction to My Healthevet!

VA has designed an online platform for the assistance of registered veterans, where they can receive the complete benefit. This web-based service is a beneficial entity for those who are Veterans, active duty service members, their caregivers and dependents, but they need to apply for a Healthevet Account. After that, a registered user can begin with a basic account, where he or she can get limited access to features in ‘My Healthevet.’
Based on the system, there is an availability of journals and other tools, which are used to track the health measures of patients. One can see his or her personal information located in the Dept. of VA or Dept. of Defense. The basic account at My Healthevet will you access to a personal health journal that will offer complete info about medical events, military health history, medications, allergies, tests, etc. tracking health insurance information, emergency contacts, contact information, health care doctors, and personal health measurements is also an easier step for registered users.

Online services: A big boom for veterans

No matter you have a regular social networking account or have a full-fledged business website, booking tickets online, or ordering pizza, we are living in a world of the Internet. No matter what you need, you go online, and the job is done? Veteran's affairs also have an official website where all the vets can manage their health-related data and know all the relevant information and applicable criteria. The primary purpose of having an online presence is to provide convenience to the vets and their families. They can easily access all the information online in one place. To access the VA website, you will need to have your account. Once registered, you can view appointments, copay balances and can access and perform other vital tasks. Veteran Affairs website allows vets to
  • Use VA online services
  • Health information
  • Personal health journal
  • Relevant links related to veteran benefits
These are the necessary actions which you can complete online, and personal health journal is among an essential feature of the VA website that helps you in managing all of your activities related to healthcare. It includes
  • Treatment location
  • Contact details
  • Health care providers
  • Health insurance data
  • Treatment location

You are going to get a complete personal health journal that will help you in many ways and other related matters with ease.  With your journal, you are going to get your wallet identity card, which is going to add immense convenience to your existence.  With your account, you will be able to record the important events from your military service and also the tasks which are or not related to health.  Here you also get a column where you can add allergies etc.  On the website, you can quickly look at your drugs, medications, and other supplements that you are taking. Here you can add and record all the information including end date, start date, comments, etc. there are many things which can be tracked using your VA accounts such as test date, location, name, provider name, results comments and several other things which vets or their families can follow easily.  

Here you will be able to check out your entire history, which can be used for different purposes. You have to make sure that you have an account on the website with your complete details explained.   There are several functions that you will be able to access on the site.  For example, one of the features is Health logs.  With this feature, you will be able to track your previous records for many health features like your heart rate, pain, cholesterol, body weight, body temperature. Blood sugar, blood pressure. Now, you might be aware of the importance of making your health vet account on its official website. There is no need for the paperwork when you have an online account. These are the online services, and you must take full advantage of it. Also, make sure that your reliable family member is having access to it.