My Healthevet: Keep Record Of VA Appointments!

Veterans Affairs offer different health and medical benefits to veterans of different categories. Sometimes, veterans may fall into the trap of malfunctioning of the system, where they may track the personal health records. This is why My HealtheVet has come into existence, which is an online system and can help you to get the complete details of personal health records from a VA center. There is a subsection in your ‘My Healthevet account’ known as Personal Health Record or PHR, which helps give you the details of your correct appointment records.


When you explore this section, there are different things you will see. One can check the VA Appointments Summary Page if he or she wants to get info about the list of VA appointments. Here, you can see the VA Appointments of the last 2 years and even upcoming appointments, if scheduled. Start knowing what you can have a look at VA Appointments PHR:

Personal Health Record

Once you login to ‘My Healthevet,’ your name will be displayed, where you can view info about the date and timing of your appointment at a VA center when it was last updated.

Before your VA appointment

Of course, when your appointment is going to take place, there is some crucial info that you would want to be familiar with. Check what can be available to you that you can see before going through your appointment:
  • VA Online Scheduling Tool: It may be accessible to find and confirm your appointments at a Veteran Affairs Center. When you have access to this tool, you will be able to choose the facility, type of appointment, and date of the last appointment. This way, online scheduling will give access to different features that help you to get your next appointment without any hassle.
  • The next thing you can do is to examine the timing, date, and location of your planned upcoming appointment on the Veteran Affairs Appointments list prior to your visit.
  • When you are using this section, you will be asked to give your insurance information to your appointment. This is why you need to take this info in handy always.
In any case, if you want notifications on your email so that you can easily see what is happening in terms of VA Appointments, then you can subscribe to email notifications & reminders by going to the ‘My Profile’ page.

More about the VA appointments summary:

Appointments may be canceled or active, which you can check at VA Appointments Personal Health Record page. Also, the appointment’s status can be checked. It also displays the clinic name, as well as the medical center division.
The clinic name may be displayed as ‘Non-VA Care; it means that your appointment location will not be held at the VA Medical Center, which is shown. For that, you should contact your appointment scheduling office, getting to know about the location of the Non-VA Care appointment.
Every column has a specific purpose and meaning to offer. Such columns can be arranged in ascending/descending order. It is your wish for how you want to see those columns. To arrange a column, you can choose an up or/and down triangle.

How to check the status of your appointment?

The first and foremost thing you can do is to choose the clinic name under ‘Clinic Name.’ after that, the status of your appointment will be seen. There are different types of statuses, which can be shown, such as:
  • Future appointments: Here, it will give you info about future appointments whether it is canceled or confirmed. Make sure you always examine the status of your VA appointments before going to visit a clinic.
  • Past appointments: It will show past appointments, which will have a status as Canceled, Completed, or No Show. If the status is incorrect, you can make it correct by contacting the VA Health Care team.
  • Unknown: If the status is unknown, it means that it is a temporary status. The user can see later to check the status of whether or not it has been updated.
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Blue Information Box

This box in blue color will tell you essential info or details that are important to know prior to your appointment. It will tell you that VA Appointment comes from an official VA medical record of a veteran. My Healthevet does not share your info with VA’s appointment system. If you wish to change, cancel or request an appointment, then you can make use of the Online Scheduling Tool or contact your local VA Facility.
Another way with which you can change or cancel the appointment is a Secure Message. Send a message to your health care team.
The detailed list of other tabs is listed below:
  • Learn More: It provides a general awareness of VA appointments.
  • User Guide: It is available in a PDF file, which makes sure you get the needed and essential info to utilize the appointments in the Healthevet app.
  • Print: It displays a page of your VA appointments in a printed form using a printer. If needed, you can also print your VA appointments from Blue Button and Health Calendar.

Using the Health Calendar to print your appointment

First of all, login to ‘My Healthevet account’ and then choose to Get Care> Health Calendar> List View>, select VA Appointments under showing event type. After that, choose the Update View and then give Print command.

Using Blue Button to download data

After signing into your Healthevet account, choose the ‘Blue Button Medical Reports’ box and then VA Blue Button Report box. Choose a ‘Date Range’ and then under appointments, choose Future VA Appointments. Press the ‘Submit’ button and choose ‘Download’ for getting an electronic copy of your Future appointments. In any case, if you need a printed list, then you can click on ‘View.’
This is the overall guide to help you how to use ‘My Healthevet account’ for checking the summary of your VA appointments along with the date, location, and time at a VA Facility. Explore Personal Health Record a section at My Healthevet when it comes to checking records of your appointments.